About Tabula Ludum Store

These aren’t just board games.

This is time spent with your family.

Creating this online store of board games came up to me when I had the same question and I found its solution. I decided to share my discovery so that other parents could also spend interesting time together with their children. 

In everyday life, I am a working mother. Like many women, I do not have enough time for a thousand urgent cases. In pursuit of an interesting career and a desire to learn a lot of new things, I noticed that in my family little by little we began to spend less time together for simple things, such as to play games, read books and just fool around. Everything was limited except for going to school, a short conversation at the dinner, on the way to the supermarket and walks in the park on weekends. 

For me, this situation is unsatisfactory because my priority has always been and will be the closeness with my family, at least half an hour. But this is only our time, away from all worries and work. This thought pushed me to look for a solution. 

The search criteria were simple and at the same time difficult, because I needed to please every member of the family - at different ages and interests. So I decided that it definitely should be board games, with colorful illustrations - to attract the attention of every member of the family, board games that were not long. 

In my store, TABULA LUDUM, the games are high-quality, original colorful board games for children. They are made with painstaking attention to detail, almost completely by a small family business in Hungary by the name Marbushka.  

One of the main criteria for choosing table games for my family was quality and composition of the games. When creating games, Marbushka only uses organic materials: paper, wood, canvas. These might be the most unusual games you have ever seen. 

With these games, you will always know how to spend a family evening. You and your children will spend time with an interesting and beautiful board game. Each game has its own unique desing and fairytale story. 

And these are not just board games. This is time spent with your children. These are games that bring the family together.

Kind regards,