Top 3 board games for Nature Lovers.

Top 3 board games for Nature Lovers.

Do you wish for your child(ren) to grow up as nature lovers?
Read ahead for some bright spring ideas!

First place In the Garden

In our fairy-tale garden, seeds sown in the spring grow into beautiful, tall trees by the autumn. You, little gardener, are invited into this garden to help make this happen! The seeds, saplings and trees need lots of sunshine and constant watering to be able to grow. Be careful to always have enough water and use up all your stock before the dark clouds hide the sun away. Exciting tactical game for kids and adults with competitive and cooperative version.

Second place - Glasshouse

On the land of the night fairies where the sun never shines, the plants grow in the glasshouse. Lightning bugs take care of them and provide enough light to grow. Green Giggle, the naughty cat, loves to chase them to the meadow. The night fairies have to rescue the confused little bugs and bring them back to the safe glasshouse in their lanterns, hoping that Green Giggle does not cause more trouble during the journey.

Third place - Under the Leaves

Have you ever heard of the Untouchable Lake? Even the bravest wind dare not raise waves on its dark surface. You have to sail through this strange, mysterious water to reach the Summer Island where you are going to spend the winter. A proper boat should be built, which floats above the water by the means of magic. Use all treasures of the forest to succeed! Where are these treasures? Right there, where this story begins: Under the Leaves.