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Grand Prix - LAST ONE!

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The first entry into the history of car racing, the victory of horsepower without horses. Go ahead gentlemen, the world awaits you! The racers speed along trackless roads and deserted landscapes to win the most exalted of prizes, and the glory for being the most daring of drivers. The first and greatest race in the annals of history can only be won by someone who, defying all odds, manages to drive his automobile through the finish line. We can admit though, that beside their skills the racers have to posses a small amount of luck as well.

WARNING! Not suitable for children under three years. Small parts.
From 6 years
For 2-5 players
Duration 20 minutes
Size: box 16x32 cm, board 45x30 cm, figures 5 cm
Contents: 1 game board, 5 small wooden cars with drivers, 5 obstacles, 5x6 pcs. cards, 1 canvas bag